Previous Winners – Sportsmanship

Dave Perry Sportsmanship Trophy
Sportsmanship awards were given out beginning in 1989 in the name of 1973 participant and later event Chairman, David M. Perry, a well known author of books on the racing rules, recognizing his leadership qualities in junior and intercollegiate sailing.


2015 (Bristol, RI)

Lindsey Baab (Radial)
Preston Duclos (Laser)
Louisa Nordstrom & Katie Lounsbury (29er)
Geronimo Nores & Manual Nores (F16)
Kyle Mergenthaler &Andrew Dodd (I420)

2014 (Grosse Pointe, MI)

Lindsey Baab (Radial)
Richie Gordon (Laser)
Alie Toppa & Liza Toppa (29er)
Elizabeth Mignon & Adele Sellig (C420)
Reese Guerriero & Robert Nicholls (I420)

2013 (Corpus Christi, TX)
Clay Broussard (Radials)
Ethan Stark (Lasers)
AJ Reiter and Greer Wattson (Club 420)
Quinn Wilson and Riley Gibbs (29er)
Ravi Parent and Nico Schults (F16)
Lucy Wilmont and Kaleigh Allen (International 420)
Jonathan Rudich (RS:X)

2012 (Cascade Locks, OR)
Lindsey Baab (Radials)
Greg Martinez (Lasers)
Jack and Austin Ortel (Club 420)
Patrick Snow and Storm Brown (29ers)

2011 (Newport, RI)
O.J. O’Connell (Radial)
Stephen Long (Lasers)
Korbin Kirk and Ryan Davidson  (Club 420)
Patrick Snow and Storm Brown (29ers)

2010 (San Pedro, CA)
Brooke Lyon (Radial)
Drake Jensen (Laser)
Alex Curtiss and Connor Adams (Club 420)
Julia Paxton and Patrick Tara (29er)

2009 (Greenwich, CT)
Nevin Snow (Radial)
Will Howard (Laser)
Max Famiglietti and Taylor Scheuermann (Club 420)
Mike Deady and Michael Rivlin (29er)

2008 (Belvedere, CA)
Zack Kelchner (Radial)
Jack LaDow and Brooks Clark (Club 420)
Phil Lozier (Laser)
Judge Ryan and Hans Henker (29er)

2007 (New Orleans, LA) 420, Laser, Radial, 29er
Joe Morris and Alex Sachs (Club 420)
Josh Garber (Laser)
Justin Doane (Radial)
Judge Ryan and Hans Henken (29er)

2006 (Grosse Pointe, MI) 420, Laser, Radial, 29er
Andrew Mason and Rachel Neal (Club 420)
Jake Sorosky (Laser)
Rex Cameron (Radial)
Willie McBride and Craig Schifferns(29er)

2005 (Westport, CT) 420, Laser, Radial
Tyler Sinks and Myles Gutenkunst (Club 420)
Fred Strammer (Laser)
Zeke Horowitz (Radial)

2004 (Charleston, SC) 420, Laser, Radial

Evan Aras and Jimmy Attridge (Club 420)
Sean Kelly (Laser)
Allie Blecher (Radial)

2003 (Milwaukee, WI) 420, Laser,

Zach Kavanaugh and Gardiner Bowen (Club 420)
Emery Wager (Laser)

 (San Diego, CA) Laser, 420, Europe, 470
Kyle Kovacs (Laser)
Jack Field and Nikolas Holtan (Club 420)
Molly Carapiet (Europe)
Jimmy Praley and Jon Bell (Int’l 470)

2001 (Annapolis, MD)

Harrison Turner (Laser)
Byron Janison (Laser Radial)
Ed Conrad and Peter Young (Club 420)
Chans McManus (Europe)
Sonia Smith and John Brandon (Int’l 470) 

2000 (Seattle, WA)

Anthony Hudson (Laser)
Peter Deming and Lauren Cross (Club 420)
Kate Bogart (Europe)
David Ames and Nick Mercier (Int’l 470)


Ben Boltz (Laser)
John Boyd (Club 420)
Zack Maxam (Int’l 470)


Tim Corbett (Laser),
Katerina Oppen and Liane Mullin (Club 420),
Amanda Clark (Europe),
Kevin Teborek and Amanda Rettinge (Int’l 470) 

Clay Bischoff (Singlehanded),
Kevin Teborek and Tara MCGaughlin (Doublehanded)
Seth Buchbinder (Board HW)

John Dane (Singlehanded),
Mark Ivey and Rob Dean (Doublehanded)
Chad Allen (Board HW)

Mike Visser (Singlehanded),
Greg Reynolds and Rob Dean (Doublehanded)
Arden Anderson (Board HW)

Daniel Meade (Singlehanded),
Mark Ivey and Rob Dean (Doublehanded)
Brett Purcell (Board HW)

Bill Hardesty (Singlehanded),
Peter Wells and Rob Dean (Doublehanded)
Scott Haladday (Board HW)
Paul Stoeken (Board LW)

Brett Davis (Singlehanded),
Jessie Andrews and Jago McLeod (Doublehanded)
Stefan Teitge (Board HW)

Forrest Fennell (Singlehanded),
Peter Wells and KC Alfred (Doublehanded)
Brett Purcell (Board HW)
Randy Rhodes (Board LW)

Richard Feeny (Singlehanded),
Rosalind Meade and KC Alfred (Doublehanded)
Kevin Lowery (Board HW)

Morgan Larson (Singlehanded),
Ryan Cox and Curt Oberle (Doublehanded)
John Jackman (Board HW)

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