U.S. Youth Match Racing Championship

  • The U.S. Youth Match Racing Championship (“USYMRC”) for the Rose Cup is an invitational event based on Requests for Invitation from qualified skippers.
  • Teams will consist of crews of three  members with a maximum crew weight of 495 pounds.
  • All sailors must be members of US Sailing.
  • Competitors must have reached their 16th birthday but not their 21st birthday during the calendar year in which the event is held
  • The event is expected to be an ISAF Grade 3 Event.
  • Requests for Invitations received by April 1 will receive preference.
  • Selected invitees will be notified by April 8 of the calendar year
  • Teams need not be composed of members of the same yacht club or sailing association.
Invitations for the Governor’s Cup
  • At least the top skipper in the USYMRC will receive an invitation to the Governor’s Cup to be held at the Balboa Yacht Club, Newport Beach, California, provided he or she has requested an invitation to the Governor’s Cup.  Click here to request an invitation to the Governor’s Cup.
  • Governor's Cup Information 


The Rose Cup

The Scandone Trophy



Selection Procedure for U.S. Youth Match Racing Championship for the Rose Cup

Remember, we will do our best to verify stated results via the internet. If for some reason they are not available on the internet, please be proactive and send a copy by fax, etc. to US Sailing, attn. Liz Walker, when processing your RFI. Each RFI is reviewed and scored by several people and then ranked relative to all the RFI’s.  Each applicant is evaluated on a 100 point scale using the criteria listed below using the following order of importance:

  • a max of 55 points (55%) for match racing demonstrated ability
  • a max of 35 points (35%) for fleet racing demonstrated ability;
  • and a max of 5 points each (5%) for geographic diversity and age (where the older skippers will get preference).
Selectors will research each applicant’s ability and background by:
  1. examining regatta results
  2. drawing on personal knowledge
  3.  researching information from others
While ranking applicants, the Selection Committee members will keep in mind the single most common “complaint” received which is that a sailor from an area who did not get accepted regularly beats another sailor who did get accepted. Research and knowledge should minimize this occurrence. AS THE NATIONAL GOVERNING BODY FOR SAILING IN THE UNITED STATES, SELECTORS MAY NOT DISCRIMINATE BASED UPON THE APPLICANT’S RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, AGE, SEX OR NATIONAL ORIGIN.

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