Templates for Area Qualifiers and Sailing Instructions

NOTICE OF RACE  updated 4/11/17.

The attached Notice of Race Template incorporates all of the necessary requirements and information for the U.S. Junior Sailing Championships.   The Area Representative will coordinate with the host club in regard to the necessary details of the local venue.  You will find that you cannot edit the entire document.  This is because US Sailing regulations apply in a number of areas.

If you are running a qualifier in conjunction with another event, it is strongly recommended that you use this Amendment to a Notice of Race 2017 which will apply to any and all sailors competing in the Radial, Club 420 or triplehanded fleet.    The highest eligible sailors will move on.  You do not need to score separately.

  • If boats and sails are supplied at an Area Qualifier, then class rules regarding sails may be waived and this should be expressly stated in the NOR.
  • If this is a bring-your-own event, then class rules shall apply.
  • Please determine in advance if your qualifier  is a Grade 1, 2 or 3 event as it relates to coaching. See http://www.ussailing.org/racing/championships/coaching-and-support-boat-policy/.  A private coach is defined as any coach not provided by US Sailing or the OA.
  • Remember – A minimum of five (5) boats are required to be both entered by the NOR registration deadline and on the starting line for the single and doublehanded fleets in order for the winners to move on.  For the remaining fleet a minimum of three (3) boats are required to be both entered by the NOR registration dateline and also be on the starting line.
  • Make sure that this is clearly communicated to your potential participants in advance.  Allow enough time between registration and the regatta to communicate to the sailors if a minimum fleet size has not been established so they don’t make an unnecessary trip.

Note:  If on the day of the qualifier the minimum number of boats are not present there shall be no racing (even for a practice race ).  This is a Rules situation and an appeal may rule that this racing will have meaning.


The 2017 SI Template for Area Championships incorporates all of the necessary requirements and information for the U.S. Junior Sailing Championships. Some items are editable but others  are fixed to meet championship conditions and cannot be edited.

If need be an appendix can be attached.  Be sure to identify if your qualifier is Grade 1 (private coaches with a minimum of Level 2 certification), Grade 2 (supplied coaches) or Grade 3 (no coaching).

Please submit the names of your PRO and Chief Judge by clicking here.   If you have questions, please contact your Regional Judge or Area Race Officer.  They are here to help you.

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