In 1921, Commodore Herbert M. Sears of the Eastern Yacht Club at Marblehead, MA placed in competition a Cup bearing his name for competition among juniors of Massachusetts yacht clubs. The next year eligibility broadened to include clubs such as Larchmont and Seawanhaka Corinthian on Long Island Sound and Cedarhurst on the south shore of Long Island, NY. How racing has changed since then is reflected in a comment about the 1923 & 25 victories of the Duxbury Yacht Club team on which C. Raymond Hunt (designer of the 110 and 210 classes and the Boston Whaler) was helmsman, “Boys in those days were required to wear caps, neckties and jackets while sailing and girls dresses.”

In 1930, Commodore Sears of the Eastern Yacht Club at Marblehead, confident that NAYRU was here to stay and deeming it desirable that the competition be national in scope, deeded the trophy to NAYRU for triple-handed sailing among juniors over 12 and under 18 whose parents or guardians are members of some Yacht Club in the United States recognized by the Union. Under the deed, the Cup is “for the purpose of promoting the sport of yachting by encouraging proficiency in seamanship and sportsmanlike conduct in sail yacht racing on the part of boys and girls of school age”. Also, the finals were to be held in home waters of a yacht club on the Atlantic Coast north of Sandy Hook – both conditions mirroring those for the Adams Trophy. As Member Associations of NAYRU proliferated to include all parts of the continent, the Sears Cup likewise became trans-continent. By the 1950’s. NAYRU was inviting the Associations to make selections of teams to compete. Until the US Yacht Racing Union was formed in 1975, teams from Canadian Yacht Clubs also competed.  The Cox Trophy is awarded to the Sportsmanship winner.  In 2010, a Shipshape Trophy was added for that team who maintained their borrowed boats in the best condition during and after the championship.

2017 Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club – Cameron Feves, Tristan Richmond, Brock Paquin

2016 Annapolis Yacht Club – Porter Kavle, Jake Vickers, Will Comerford

2015 Lakewood Yacht Club – Dane Byerly, Howdy Hughes, Collin Scoville, Carson Shields

2014 St. Petersburg Yacht Club – Liam McCarthy, Josh Dochoda, Greiner Hobbs

2013 San Francisco Yacht Club – Jack Barton, Sammy Shea, Alex Moody, Sam Barton

2012 San Francisco Yacht Club – Jack Barton, Sam Barton, Sammy Shea, Corey Lynch

2011 Mystic River Mudhead Sailing Association, CT – O.J. O’Connell, Ben Wilkinson, Kyle Seniff

2010 Mission Bay Yacht Club, CA Scott Hoffmann, Evan Hoffmann, Reece Bernet

2009 Mission Bay Yacht Club, CA Scott Hoffmann, Evan Hoffmann, Colleen Hackett

2008 Sarasota Youth Sailing Program, FL Will Stocke, Max Famiglietti, Matt Dowd

2007 Mission Bay Yacht Club, CA Scott Hoffmann ,Evan Hoffmann ,Eric Alamillo

2006 Team FOR, FL –  Fred Strammer, Katrina Salk, & Zeke Horowitz

2005 Annapolis Yacht Club, MD – Ted Hale, Evan Aras, Joe Morris

2004 Venice Youth Boating Association, FL  – Fred Strammer, Dalton Tebo, Charlotte Sims

2003 Southern Yacht Club, LA  – Baker Potts, Allan LeBlanc, Edward Levert

2002 Santa Barbara Yacht Club, Ca – Ted White, Alex Bernal, David Harris, Duncan Shea

2001 Malletts Bay Boat Club, Colchester, VT – Erik Johnson, Karl Johnson,  Bretton Gardner

2000 St. Petersburg YC, St. Pete, Fl – Rick Korab, Ryan Druyor, Kevin Reali

1999 King Harbor YC, Manhattan Beach, CA – Colin Campbell, Brian Angel, Ryan Houston

1998 Bay Waveland YC, New Orleans, LA – Robert Conrad, Marcus Eagan, Cardwell Potts

1997 St. Petersburg, FL – Sean Doyle, Nick Hartney, Andrew Nelson

1996 Pass Christian YC, Pass Christian, MI – John F. Dane, Oliver Peneguy, David Taylor

1995 Toms River YC, NJ – Allan Terhune, Jr., Coury Yetman, Ronald Vignone

1994 Shilshole Bay YC – Dalton Bergan, Mike Visser, Kevin Oliverio

1993 Mystic River Mudhead SA – Morgan Conner, Graeme Woodworth, Kyle Shattuck

1992 Baview YC – Dean Balcirak, Mike Bianco, Peter Feldman, Adam Lowry

1991 Southern YC – Charles Meade, John Alden Meade, John Moss

1990 Houston YC – Scott Elting, Carter Perring, Sam Pyne, David Thomas

1989 Coconut Grove SC – Patrick Downey, Mark Ingraham, Chris McGrath

1988 St. Francis YC – Morgan Larson, Haley King, Brandon Paine

1987 Coconut Grove SC – Kevin Downey, Greg Enos, Kim Logan

1986 Cowan Lake SA – Jeff Irvine, Bill Barrett, Steve Rittmeyer

1985 St. Petersburg YC – Royce Rarik, Marty Kullman, Michelle Profant, Chris Bardes

1984 Houston YC – Todd Hudgins, Mitch Brindley, David Calverly

1983 Alamitos Bay YC – Ron Rosenberg, Mike Goyan, Mike Kortz

1982 Alamitos Bay YC – Ron Rosenberg, Jim McLeod, Rich Palarea, Chris Redman

1981 Richmond YC – John Kostecki, Albert Boyce, Mark Hempstead, Rand Arnold

1980 Long Beach YC – John Shadden, Mike Pinckney, Bobby Frazier

1979 American YC – Bill Lynn, Tom Mundinger, Bobby Capita

1978 Pymatuning YC – Mark Thompson, Mike Werley, George LeBrun

1977 Buckeye Lake YC – Will Petersilge, Dan Robinson, Dan Dressel

1976 Potomac River SA – Andrew Menkart, Jeff Stamper, Berkeley Shervin, Chris Mason

1975 Coconut Grove SC – Mike Alexander, Reid Hutchinson, Freddy Hutchinson

1974 Minnetonka YC – Tom Burton, Chris Thompson, Fritz Van Nest

1973 Houston YC – Glen F. Brown, Paul Thompson, Paul Wells

1972 Houston YC – Clark Thompson, Jr., Paul Thompson, Glen F. Brown

1971 Annapolis YC – Charlie Scott, Larry Leonard, Eddie Holt

1970 Hudson YC – Dan Williams, Clark Thompson, Jr., Ed McFarlan

1969 Noroton YC – Manton D. Scott, Christopher P. Wilson, Steven B. Heath

1968 Galveston Bay Cruising Assn. – John Kolius, Jay Williams, Dan Williams

1967 Southern YC – John Dane, III, John Cerise, Mark LeBlanc, Bill Smith

1966 Monmouth BC – Robert Held, Robert McCutcheon, David Allen

1965 Corinthian YC – Robert E. Doyle, Robert McCann, Bruce Atkins

1964 Corinthian YC – Robert E. Doyle, Robert McCann, Joan Thayer

1963 Milford YC – Whit Batchelor, John Cordes, Dave Brown

1962 Newport Harbor YC – Henry Sprague, III, George Twist, Bill Symes

1961 Pleon YC – Stephen Wales, Lee Harris, Tex Mason, Rennie Greenlaw

1960 Royal Vancouver YC – David Miller, Colin Park, Kenneth Baxter

1959 Hudson YC – John Welch, Barbara Thomas, Ian Richie

1958 Noroton YC – Kevin Jaffe, Carolyn McCurdy, Peter Wilson

1957 Pequot YC – John Merrifield, Peter Clark, Thomas Munnell

1956 Seattle Corinthian YC – Alan Holt, Fred Ray, Stephen Banks

1955 Royal Canadian YC – A.R. Lennox, D. Day, P. Carver

1954 Kingston YC – Harry Jemmett, Hendry Connell, Barrie Gilbert

1953 Sandusky SC – Dave Ortman, Ellen Seaman, Forbes Hotchkiss

1952 Indian Harbor YC – Martin A. Purcell, Constance M. Neher, Carolyn E. Neher

1951 Rocky Point Club – George Reichelm, James A. Blattman, William B. Osgood, III

1950 Pleon YC – Stephen M. Smithwick, George Stephenson, Nelson W. Aldrich, Jr.

1949 Cohasset YC – Kingsley Durant, Francis V. Cohouet, Edward C. Burske, Jr.

1948 Vineyard Haven YC – Douglas Cassel, Robert Villings, James Norton

1947 The Buzzard YC – Michael Jackson, Nicholas J. Baker, Allen K. Chase

1946 Stage Harbor YC – William R. Maclay, H.T. Woodland, Jr., Andrew Griscom

1945 No Contest

1944 No Contest

1943 No Contest

1942 No Contest

1941 Eastern Yacht Club – Robert Coulson

1940 Eastern Yacht Club – Robert Coulson

1939 Annisquam Yacht Club – Richard W. Machem

1938 Pequot Yacht Club – Robert E. Gordon

1937 Pequot Yacht Club – Charles P. Stetson

1936 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club – John H. Ware, Jr.

1935 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club – John H. Ware, Jr.

1934 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club – Frank B. Jewett, Jr.

1933 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club – Frank B. Jewett, Jr.

1932 Eastern Yacht Club – Chandler Hover, Jr.

1931 Beverly Yacht Club – Michael M. Cudahy

1930 Vineyard Haven Yacht Club – Willaim S. Cox

1929 Bar Harbor Yacht Club – Willaim B. Cudahy

1928 Beverly Yacht Club – Willaim B. Cudahy

1927 Pleasant Bay Yacht Club – Charles Ashley Hardy

1926 Duxbury Yacht Club – John S. Wilbor

1925 Duxbury Yacht Club – C.Raymond Hunt

1924 Pleon Yacht Club – Harry B. Thayer, Jr.

1923 Duxbury Yacht Club – C.Raymond Hunt

1922 Larchmont Yacht Club – Arthur W. Knapp

1921 Pleon Yacht Club – Richard S. Thayer

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