Spurred by the growing number of sailors in singlehanded boats, led US SAILING to the addition in 1974 of a national Singlehanded championship and the donation of a trophy in honor D. Verner Smythe, a long‑time chairman of the Sears Cup Committee (the tradition‑rich Triplehanded youth championship. The first junior singlehanded championship was sailed in Sunfish in conjunction with the triplehanded.

The U.S. Singlehanded Championship is of similar vintage as the Junior Doublehanded ( Bemis). Both are ladder‑style events where teams must earn the right to continue competing. The events start with a local sail‑off, and continue through Area eliminations before the national finals. Similar to the Doublehanded, the field was later expanded to include two teams per Area with the exception of Areas H and L, each of whom send one team.

Two‑time winners have been Kevin Hall representing Pacific Corinthian and Ventura Yacht Clubs, CA, and Steven Hochart from the San Diego Yacht Club. Scott Young won the Smythe in 1976, a year after he was winning crew in the inaugural Junior Doublehanded championship.

An active member of the Pequot Yacht Club at Southport, Conn., Smythe also served as Chairman for the Coordinating Committee of the NAYRU championships.

In 2004, a Sportsmanship award was given in the name of Faye Bennet, herself a past chair.

2017 Stamford Yacht Club – James Paul

2016 Newport Harbor Yacht Club – Joseph Hou

2015 St. Thomas Yacht Club – Sam Morrell

2014 FAST Sailing Foundation  – Henry Marshall

2013 St. Petersburg Yacht Club – Nic Baird 

2012 St. Petersburg Yacht Club – Addison Hackstaff

2011 Wet Pants Sailing Association – Nick Valente

2010 San Diego Yacht Club – Nevin Snow

2009 Mission Bay Yacht Club – Kevin Laube

2008 Sarnia Yacht Club – E.J. O’Mara

2007 Lake Geneva Yacht Club – Clifford Porter

2006 Newport Harbor Yacht Club – Charlie Buckingham

2005American Yacht Club – Cameron Cullman

2004 Riverton Yacht Club – Patrick Curran

2003 Brant Beach Yacht Club – Kyle Kovacs

2002 Rochester, NY Mike Wilde

2001 Toms River Yacht Club – Clay Johnson

2000 San Diego YC – Andrew Campbell

1999 Honolulu, HI – Andrew Lewis

1998 Carpinteria, CA – John Diskant

1997 Mission Bay YC – Steven Hochart

1996 Mission Bay YC – Steven Hochart

1995 Seattle YC, WA – Dalton Bergan

1994 San Diego YC – Jon Baker

1993 Lakewood YC – Bruce Mahoney

1992 Coral Reef YC – Evan Zinn

1991 Corpus Christi YC – Elizabeth Kratzig

1990 Coronado YC – David Houser

1989 Lakewood YC – Marc Schneider

1988 Tiverton YC – Stephen Majkut

1987 Coconut Grove SC – Peter Dreyfuss

1986 Ventura YC – Kevin Hall

1985 Pacific Corinthian YC – Kevin Hall

1984 U.S. Optimist Dinghy Assn. – Rob Vanderkreeke

1983 Winnetonka YC – Scott Kyle

1982 Alamitos Bay YC – Mike Sentovitch

1981 Coconut Grove SC – Louis Verloop

1980 San Diego YC – Brian Ledbetter

1979 Coconut Grove SC – Baird Lobree

1978 St. Petersburg YC – Richard Merriman

1977 Stockton YC – Paul Yost

1976 White Rock BC – Scott Young

1975 Ocean Gate YC – Shawn Kempton

1974 Huron-Portage YC – Richard Lyons

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