F. Gregg Bemis was best known for his work on the racing rules which included a long tenure as chairman of the Appeals Committee, but it was his leadership role in judging at junior and intercollegiate regattas that inspired a group of co-judges to donate in 1975 a trophy for doublehanded junior sailing. Similar to the Triple- and Singlehanded Junior Championships,  it is a ladder competition starting at the yacht club level. In 1999 it was expanded to include two teams per Area (groupings of Yacht Racing or District Associations) with the exception of Areas H and L, each of whom send one team. The only two-time winners are John Shadden of the Long Beach Yacht Club, CA and Mike Funsch of St. Petersburg Yacht Club, FL .   The Bemis Sportsmanship is awarded each year.

2016 San Francisco Yacht Club – Nicholas Marwell, J. Noble Reynoso

2015 Southwestern Yacht Club – Jack McGraw, Dot Obel

2014 Del Rey Yacht Club –  Cassie Obel, Annika Garrett

2013 San Francisco Yacht Club – Kristopher Swanson, Alexander Ron

2012 Richmond Yacht Club – Christopher Ford, Daniel Ron

2011 Sail Newport – Pearson Potts, Tristan Sess

2010 Alamitos Bay Yacht Club – Jack Jorgensen, Samantha Gebb

2009 Balboa Yacht Club – Kieran Chung, Ryan Davidson

2008 Long Beach Yacht Club – Korbin Kirk, Haley Kirk

2007 Pequot Yacht Club – Brendan Kopp, Michael Costello

2006 Portland Yacht Club – Alan Palmer, Katherine Gullick

2005 Newport Harbor Yacht Club- Cole Hatton, Blair Belling

2004 Coral Reef Yacht Club-  Brian Kamilar, Simon Sanders

2003 San Diego Yacht Club – Frank Tybor, Mandi Markee

2002 Northport Bay SA  – Erik Storck, Zach Goldman

2001 Brant Beach Yacht Club – Kyle Kovacs, Eric Reitinger

2000 San Diego YC – Michael Anderson-Mitterling, Tyler McKay

1999 Columbia YC – Evan Thompson, Pat Hitchins

1998 Newport Beach, CA – Scott Hogan, Amy Halvorsen

1997 Portland YC – Falmouth, ME – Peter Levesque, Nichol Ernest

1996 Seattle Yacht Club – Adam Koch, Anthony Boscolo

1995 US Sailing Center, Miami, FL – Chris Gaffney, Matt Mulock

1994 Bayview YC – Mike Uznis, Adam Hollerbach

1993 Wild Harbor YC – Tim Fallon, Sarah Adams

1992 Coconut Grove SC – David Ames P.J. Buhler

1991 Bahia Corinthian YC – Bill Ward, Ryan Millet

1990 Mission Bay YC – Bill Hardesty, Paul Ware

1989 Del Rey YC – Peter Wells, Jason Artof

1988 San Diego YC – Scott Quan, Matt Reynolds

1987 St. Petersburg YC – David Mendelblatt, Caj Flynn

1986 Royal Vancouver YC – Thilo Griese, Trevor Davis

1985 Ft. Worth BC – David Heibert, Raymond Marks

1984 California YC – John Sturman, Mark Barnard

1983 Mission Bay YC – Joe Parker, Ralph Silverman

1982 Southern YC – Eldon Harvey, Keith Andrews

1981 St. Petersburg YC – Mike Funsch, Mark Shepard

1980 St. Petersburg YC – Mike Funsch, Mark Shepard

1979 Long Beach YC – John Shadden, Steve Rosenberg

1978 Long Beach YC – John Shadden, Peter Brazier

1977 Cohasset YC – Brian Keane, Stephen Higginson

1976 Shrewsbury S&YC – Chris Lloyd, Mark Perkins

1975 White Rock BC – Dan Hathaway, Scott Young

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