The role of the Organizing Authority

As the Organizing Authority, US Sailing has certain tasks it manages. Event hosts are responsible for others.  As a host of a national championship, you are responsible for all of the “on shore” elements.   The national chair is responsible for the “on the water” elements; however there is always some overlap.

The host includes the national chair in its planning meetings at least monthly so that communications flow smoothly  for  both the on and off the water elements throughout the planning process.  A US Sailing representative attends the championship as the Organizing Authority.

US Sailing (this is either the championship’s national chair and/or the Championship Director):
1. Supports the host club’s event chair and teams with their regatta committee.
2. Ensures that the regattas at all levels are being run under the US Sailing Board-approved conditions and regulations laid out for the championships.
3. Provides the championship medals, engraves and ships the perpetual trophies where possible.
4. Hires and pays the US Sailing coaches if provided.
5. Manages charter boats, if a provided boat regatta.
6. Provides the official website for the championship where the NOR, SIs, Results and other materials are posted.
7. Posts all official documents on the official website.
8. Sets the entry fee in consultation with the host.
9. Produces and publishing a Notice of Race on the US Sailing website by January 15th.
10. Approves the Sailing Instructions in accordance with the Racing Rules of Sailing.
11. Intervenes if the organization and/or execution of the National Final Series are in jeopardy.
12. Has the sole responsibility for choosing judges and ensuring the PRO has the appropriate certification and approving their appointment.
13. Ensures the appropriate usage of US Sailing, sponsor and other logos.
a. Provides graphics for the championship including an official event logo and program cover
b. Provides sponsor-logoed marks for the championship.
c. Provides the necessary releases and other documentation.
d. Works with all national sponsors to ensure sponsorship obligations are met.
e. Approves all printed and online documents and T shirt designs in conjunction with existing sponsor contracts. All designs must be approved by US Sailing’s Marketing Department prior to production.
14. Provides free online registration for all events and credit card payment facility.
15. Collects entry fees and sends them to the host club
16. Makes insurance programs available to hosts, Burgee Program, Regatta Liability, Borrowed Boat, etc.
17. Provides secondary insurance coverage (primary is provided by the host).
18. Provides gift for the host club commemorating the event.
19. Manages the national communication and public relations including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

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