U.S. Team Racing Championship

for the George R. Hinman Trophy EYC-burgee Eastern Yacht Club – Marblehead, MA September 26-28, 2014

Final Report

MARBLEHEAD, Mass. (September 28, 2014) – The final day of the 2014 U.S. Team Racing Championship ended up being a half day of sailing due to a complete shutdown of the wind. However, the fleet completed enough races to count Gold Round Robin 3 and crown Ladies and Gentlemen as the back-to-back Team Racing Champions. The championship team which includes Tyler Sinks (San Diego, Calif.), Lucy Wallace (Middletown, R.I.), Justin Law (Balboa, Calif.), Adrienne Patterson Kamilar (Miami, Fla.), Michael Menninger (San Francisco, Calif.) and Ben Lezin (Santa Cruz, Calif.) will qualify for the 2015 ISAF Team Racing World Championship being held at the Rutland Sailing Club in Great Britain from July 19th-24th of next year. Justin Law of Ladies and Gentlemen commented on qualifying for the ISAF Team Racing World Championship saying, “It’s fantastic. This will be my second time going back, in 2011 we went to Ireland…so we’re really stoked to be going back”.

Final Standings – Top 6 Teams
1. Ladies and Gentlemen, 15 points
2. Do Less, 14 points
3. Team Shred, 13 points
4. Hoodrat S.W.O.F., 9 points
5(T). Hawks Peacocks, 8 points
5(T). Kirkwood Ticklers, 8 points

Full Report

About the Championships

The U.S. Team Racing Championship is raced in three-boat/six-person teams.  US Sailing’s first national team racing championship, it was held in 1981 and serves as a qualifier for the ISAF Team Racing Worlds when held.  Growing out of a regatta initiated by Sailing World magazine  it was so successful that it was adopted by US Sailing and became known as the U.S. Team Racing Championship for the George R. Hinman Trophy.

The trophy was donated in recognition of George R. Hinman’s many years of service and contributions to yachting. He was a member of the crew that won the second championship for the Sears Cup, a top ranking sailor in the International One-Design Class and for many years in the forefront of Long Island Sound frostbite dinghy racing. He sailed many ocean races and took part in the America’s Cup in various capacities as helmsman, syndicate manager and chairman of the America’s Cup (selection) Committee. A former President of NAYRU (now US Sailing), he also was a Vice President of the International Yacht Racing Union (now ISAF).

The first umpired event was in 1990 and the event went away from being a ladder qualification regatta. When Gary Bodie became Chairman of the U.S. Team Racing Championship Committee in 1992, he restored the popularity of the event making it the hottest event in the country for the post-collegiate group of sailors which it remains today.

Championship Facts & Features

  • Doublehanded, monohull dinghies with a length of 13 – 15 feet and a mainsail and jib, manufactured by Zim Sailing will be provided by US Sailing
  • Each competing team shall consist of three skippers and three crews
  • Up to 12 teams will be selected or invited by the U.S. Team Racing Championship Committee from team resumes and applications. Up to two non‐US teams may be invited to compete
  • Racing area will be located in or in the proximity of the waters of Marblehead Harbor

Championship Awards


Previous Winners



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