Previous Winners – Sportsmanship

Peter Barrett, the first winner of the O’Day Trophy in 1962, also competed in three Olympic Games, winning medals in two:

1964  Silver    Finn     Tokyo, Japan
1968  Gold     Star      Acapulco, Mexico

Fair play and honesty were more important to Peter than medals.  Peter’s only handicap was his eyesight.  When his thick glasses were doused with saltwater, in the heavy weather he reveled in, sailing was a special challenge.  In the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, just after the start of Finn race five, Peter tacked onto port, ducking sterns.  He felt his shoulder lightly touch the  rudder of a starboard tacker but neither the helmsman nor the other competitors noticed.

Even though only Peter was aware of the contact, he retired from the race.  Staying clear of the fleet, he sailed to the weather mark, arriving 50 yards ahead of the first official competitor.  Peter was awarded the silver medal, but final results confirmed that he placed in the top five in the fifth race, he would have easily won the gold.

Peter loved competition, sailing, his family, friends, and life.  His big grin and nodding head were there for all whether he beat you or you beat him.  With his high standards of fair play and honesty, and his exceptional toughness and sailing skill, it is easy to understand the ultimate compliment of North Sails founder, Lowell North, “Peter Barrett is the best person I have ever known.”

Previous Winners

2013 Ravi Parent – Austin, TX
2012 Michael Bradley – Long Beach, CA
2011 Tracy Usher-Montara, CA
2010 Michael Matan- New York, NY (Laser) Callie Naughton- Marblehead, MA (Radial)
2009 Nicholas Cromwell- Bristol, RI
2008 Richard Chapman – Libertyville, IL
2007 Peter Seidenberg – Portsmouth, RI
2006 Ben Richardson – Gloucester, MA
2005 Vann Wilson – Long Beach, CA
2004 Ryan Minth – New York, NY
2003 Anna Tunnicliffe – Norfolk, VA
2002 Lindsay Hewitt

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