Championship of Champions

Chubb Jr

Gulfport Yacht Club - Gulfport, MS

October 8-11, 2015

for the Jack Brown Trophy

2015 Results & Coverage

  • VX: One
  • Up to 19 applicants will be invited to attend this event.
  • Boats will be provided and will be sailed in a “round robin” format
  • The maximum number of crew aboard shall be 3 persons
  • All competitors must be current members of US Sailing. Proof of membership will be requested upon application and registration
  • The applicant must be a 2014 or 2015 one design class United States, North American or World Champion helmsperson

Inaugurated in 1976, US Sailing selects nineteen competitors from nominees by their class associations who are current national or North American champions of their respective classes. Eligible are sailors who normally sail in the U.S., are members of US Sailing and are members of a club, class or association affiliated with US Sailing. The championship is held in a different class each year, and boats are supplied, and if possible, shall be new and identical.   Additionally, each year a guest helm is invited.  Invited helms have included winner of the Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year, Olympians, and other sailing luminaries.   Classes in which the event has been held run the gamut from conventional to cutting edge and have included Y-Flyers, Snipes, Hobie Cats, J-24’s, Sunfish and Etchells, to name just a few.

The Championship is named in honor of Jack Brown who was noted for his service as a judge, regatta organizer and member of US Sailing Committees.

Jack Brown Trophy

Committee Chair

Paul Abdullah |

Event Chair

Sam Vasquez |

2015 Highlights

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