U.S. Adult Championship

Venue and boats pending

Regatta Documents

  • Notice of Race
  • Resume (one per Regional Sailing Association)
  • Invited Teams
  • Information for Competitors
  • Preliminary Sailing Instructions
  • Conditions for the Championship
  • Adult Championship Committee

About The Championships

While youth and women had had national, ladder-system championships for a quarter century, it was not until 1952 that a similar championship for men eighteen years and older was established during Robert N. Bavier, Jr.’s tenure as Executive Director of NAYRU. The family of Clifford D. Mallory, who revived NAYRU in 1925, provided a magnificent sterling silver tureen, purportedly from the estate of Lord Nelson but according to the hallmarks more likely executed after his death for his brother. It was immediately popular, with twenty of the twenty-three district associations competing in the inaugural match won by Cornelius Shields of the Larchmont Yacht Club.

The next year, the regulations were relaxed to permit female members in the crew but not at the helm. Beginning in 1993 the Women’s and Men’s Championships were held together in alternate years. Since 2006, the event has been a mixture of a ladder series starting at the club level and a resume application. In 2009, the championships began being held together each year and the two committees merged. The two fleets use the same race course, sail different classes of boats and enjoy social events together. The joint events have sometimes been hosted by two cooperating, nearby clubs – otherwise by a single club. In 2013, the regulations were relaxed further to allow women to helm as well, reflecting the fact that most boats are now sailed by mixed crew and the championship was renamed the U.S. Adult Sailing Championship.

The championship was expanded from 11 boats to 20 but remains a championship between sailing organizations. Like the U.S. Junior Championship, all Areas can now send two teams, except for H and L which send one team each. Still sailed on provided boats, it is run in a round robin format, providing four days of challenging racing by sailors from around the country.
– See more at: http://www.ussailing.org/racing/championships/adult/adultchamps/?preview=true&preview_id=2244&preview_nonce=8b2d433056#sthash.2LT5p91R.dpuf

Championship Facts & Features

  • J/22
  • Must qualify
  • The boat for the U.S. Adult Sailing Championship will be the J/22. The minimum number of crew for the event shall be three including the helmsperson.
  • Racing area will be on Eagle Mountain Lake
  • US Sailing encourages sailors to join the J/22 Class Association to support their efforts.
  • Must be current members of US Sailing or U.S. Citizens and permanent residents

Championship Awards

Clifford D. Mallory Trophy

Previous Winners



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