Racing Rules Committee

The US Sailing Racing Rules Committee is primarily responsible for proposing changes in the Racing Rules of Sailing for US Sailing to submit to the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). US Sailing and other National Authorities must submit to ISAF any changes which they would like to see made in the rules.

The Rules Committee is also responsible for helping to draft any US Sailing prescriptions to the racing rules.

The Rules Committee does not interpret the rules. In the United States, official interpretations of The Racing Rules of Sailing are made only by the US Sailing Appeals Committee and are published in the official US Sailing Appeals Book. Internationally, official interpretations are made by a committee appointed by the ISAF Racing Rules Committee and published as the “ISAF Case Book”, which is available at the ISAF Website. Sailors may also purchase a printed copy of the combined Appeals Book for 2013-2016, Including the ISAF Cases for 2013-2016 at the US Sailing Web Store.

The Rules Committee is actively seeking comments on The Racing Rules of Sailing from any interested party. Comments may be sent to US Sailing Racing Rules Committee using this form or by mail to: US Sailing Racing Rules Committee, P.O. Box 1260, 15 Maritime Drive, Portsmouth, RI 02871. Please include a clear reference to the rule at issue as well as a brief detailed description of the possible problem. A proposed solution (for example, a possible rewording of the rule) is helpful but not required.

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