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Simple Sailing Instructions

US Sailing Guide to Writing Simple Sailing Instructions

[Revised 5/1/2014]

The US Sailing Racing Rules Committee provides this guide for events such as club or local regattas. To use the guide replace each set of brackets { } with the material called for within the brackets, and select options in square brackets [ ] as appropriate. Review rule J2 in Appendix J of your rulebook to determine whether additional instructions are needed. For wording of additional instructions, or for more complex events, consult Appendix L.



Sailing Instructions

{Name of Event}
{Dates of Event}
{Location of Event}

1. Rules
The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.

2. Entries
Competitors may enter by delivering a completed entry form [and paying the {amount} entry fee] to {place} before {time} on {date}.

3. Notices to Competitors
Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located {describe where}.

4. Signals Made Ashore
Signals made ashore will be displayed from the flagpole located {describe where}. If a postponement is signaled ashore, the warning signal will be made not less than {time period} after flag AP is lowered.

5. Schedule and Class Flags
[A competitors’ meeting will be held at {time, date, place}.] The warning signal[s] for the first race will be [at {time}] [as follows: {date},{time}; {date},{time}; … ]. Subsequent races [each day] will be held as soon as practicable after the end of the previous race. The class flag[s] [is][are] {describe}.

6. Racing Area
The racing area will be {describe where}.

7. Courses and Marks
The course[s] will be {describe course[s]}. [{If more than one course} The course will be designated by {describe method, e.g. a black letter on a white board}]. All marks will be {describe}. [The attached diagram shows the courses, course designations, the marks in order and the rounding direction of each mark.]

8. Starting and Finishing Lines
The starting and finishing lines will be between {describe}. [The Sound Signal Starting System in Appendix S of the racing rules will be used.]

9. Time Limit
The time limit for each race will be {specify time limit} for the first boat to finish.

10. Protests
Protests shall be delivered to {place} within {time} after the race committee finish boat docks. The protest time limit and a list of protests received will be posted on the notice board. Hearings will be held as soon as practicable after racing each day in {place}.

11. Scoring
{Number} races are scheduled. [All scores will count.] [If at least {number} races are completed, each boat’s worst score will be excluded from her series score.] One race constitutes a series.