Expedited Appeals

Expedited Appeals are available only for US Sailing Protected Competitions (see US Sailing Regulation 12.03).

A Protected Competition is “…a competition held in the United States without an International Jury that US Sailing uses to select U.S. sailors to represent the United States in international¬†competitions, qualify U.S. sailors to be a member of the US Sailing Team, or determine sailors who will receive funding from or through US Sailing. Specifically, an event that:

  • Selects U.S. sailors for the Olympics, Paralympics or Pan Am Games;
  • Selects U.S. sailors for the Youth Olympics;
  • Selects U.S. sailors for the ISAF World Championships for Youth, Team Racing and Match Racing (Women and Open), Offshore Sailing, or the Nations Cup;
  • Selects sailors for the US Sailing Team;¬†or
  • Determines funding given or directed by US Sailing.”

Fore more information, download the Expedited Appeals document below and see the US Sailing Regulations.