Race Committee 101

Race Committee 101 is a 90-minute talk and PowerPoint that takes beginners through basic race committee concepts such as types of boats and racing, the purpose and duties of the race committee, equipment and jobs of the race committee, and what to expect out on the water. “RC 101” is not a training course, but it does provide an overview of race committee functions for those who are interested in learning more. The course is designed to be used in conjunction with US Sailing’s Join the Race Committee Team booklet, and can be presented by Club Race Officers and other RC officials.

Download the “Race Committee 101″ PowerPoint
(Please note: Download the file before opening it. Don’t try to open it from the FTP site.)

Directions for Accessing the FTP site:

For Windows users:

Using Windows Explorer (Not IE – Internet Explorer) enter ftp.ussailing.org into the address bar. You will be prompted for a username and password:

username: RC101

password: RC101

This will take you to the RC 101 folder, from which you can download the PowerPoint file. You should also download the Instructor Guide (in Word) and the Slide Notes and Schedule (in Excel) for use with the presentation.

For Mac users:

Note: From the Finder (Mac’s equivalent to Windows explorer) you connect to FTP servers with read-only access. To copy files to an FTP Server, use an FTP program.

A 3rd party FTP program is required to do the upload – the native built in Mac tools have limited functionality and are not sufficient to perform this upload task. So you need to get an FTP focused program such as FireFTP from Mozilla, in addition to their Firefox browser to gain full access to the ftp site using your Mac.

Here is an article about free FTP clients for Mac users (current January, 2014):



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