Top Yacht

Top Yacht  (for keelboats and dinghies)

Author: McCubbin Electronics P/L trading as Top Yacht 

Evaluation Copy Source: Program  (evaluation version) downloaded from website.

Handicap Systems Supported: One-design, Time-on-Distance (variation of Portsmouth), Portsmouth (UK Version of Program) Time-on-Time


  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7, tested on Windows 7, 64 bit

  • Downloaded file is 7.8 MB in size

  • TopYacht5/

Details/Description:  Top Yacht Software, an Australian firm, has significantly changed the packaging of their products but it can still be a little confusing. The standard package will work for keelboat handicapping but, in order to properly handle most handicapping done in the United States, the Advanced, Keel, ToT Handicapping  (includes HC Graphing) package is recommended ($165 AUS). The downloaded file was very easy to install.The free evaluation version is limited in application and has a built-in expiration time limit. Various types of handicapping algorithms have been and are being developed and the company appears very eager to work with clubs in addressing specific needs. The programs use a modular database approach and the databases are fully accessible.  This power comes with increased user complexity. The programs provide for several different output formats for reporting, including html, and the Site Manager enhancement simplifies uploading of results to websites. The program has been tested and is in compliance with The Racing Rules of SailingFollow this link to  get an idea of the web posting capabilities of Top Yacht.

  • Enhanced Features
    • regatta enhancements (tie breaking and csv/html competitor list import, finish time importation as csv)
    • display enhancements (Full Names, Lap Times, Sub Agg Scores, Finish Offset)
    • teams score (NOT World Sailing Teams Racing)
    • handicap graphing
  • Courses Plus
    • designs courses on the screen
    • saves and restores course layouts
    • provides GPS coordinates for all marks
    • calculates course sizes for dinghy and Cat classes under different wind strengths
    • runs boats around the (on-screen) course ‘real time’ [or sped up] and indicates which marks they have passed and the ETA for the next mark

Ordering: Available through Top Yacht Software website. Pricing scheme is rather complicated and it is recommended that Top Yacht be contacted by email.


$AUS inc GST

Top Yacht Standard (For keelboat, dinghies and trailerables)


EXTRA: Enhanced features


EXTRA: Site Manager (enhanced internet publishing) $165


  • The annual subscription is 1/3 of the initial purchase price and provides one year’s use of the product.
  • These prices assume that you download the product from the website.
  • Top Yacht does an excellent job of keeping updates to the programs on their website, and the site should be referred to on a regular basis if using their software.

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