St. Pete Scorer

St. Pete Scorer (Version 16)

Author: Richard Alan Weaver, M.D.

Evaluation Copy Source: Original copy of program on CD and letter sent to US Sailing. Revised versions downloaded directly from website. Programs and description  available on the website.

Handicap Systems Supported: One-design (“Level”) scoring only.  Separate modes setup for Optimist and Laser Masters events.


  • Windows-based programs download as self installing files, approximately 6100KB

  • Runs on PCs

  • Windows-tested ( Windows 7, 8 and 10; 32 or 64 bit)


Description: Self-install programs to any drive selected. Program-installed exceptionally easy with no problems.  Previously separate versions of the program focused specifically on the requirements of Opti and Laser Masters events have been incorporated into one version of the program.  These modes support the age brackets and provide sorted results. St. Pete Scorer scores events using Low-Point, Bonus, Low-Point Averaged, Snipe or Lightning Systems. The Laser Masters mode does age-based handicapping.  In addition, other variations of low-point scoring can be user specified/modified.  Up to 26 separate classes in a regatta can be specified and the number of boats and races is essentially unlimited. The latest version of program complies comply with The Racing Rules of Sailing. Users of any scoring program are encouraged to carefully review Appendix A of  The Racing Rules of Sailing for additional information. Features include automatic tie-breaking, managing throw-outs, scoring of subgroups, scheduling, assigning and scoring with divided fleets, and other features. Data entry including penalties and handling of results is one of the easiest to use found so far. The program produces a significant number of forms including file generation in html for web publishing. The program includes the ability to store address information, including a permanent database of competitors for registration data, and to print mailing labels.  The program comes with an extensive text file instruction manual and a good set of help files incorporated.

Note that Version 16 is NOT compatable with earlier versions of the program.

Ordering: Available through website.

 A trial version of the program may be downloaded and used for maximum of 7 boats.  The permanent version may be downloaded and requires a $30 fee paid by credit card or PayPal.

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