Sail 100

Sailing Racing Results Program

Author:  Robert McPherson

Evaluation Copy Source: Downloaded from Sailing Results Program website.

Handicap Systems Supported: PHRF, Portsmouth, IRC, TCF, CHS, PY, Time-on-Distance, +/- Seconds, Progressive. Also supports Team Racing


  • Windows
  • Requires Office 97 or Later (Program Runs Within Excel – tested with Office 2010)
  • Downloaded ZIP file is 2.26MB in size

Description: This program is downloaded as a zipped file that is extracted to a  user-specified directory. It is highly recommended that the directions provided on the website for installing be strictly adhered to. Once the files are unzipped, the folder will contain a series of files including some .doc (Word) files with user instructions. The program is installed within Microsoft Excel and, while the program has numerous features including features for round robins and team racing, it is not as easy to use as some other programs. The added flexibility and features come with some added complexity.

The program handles low point scoring, bonus point scoring, high point and custom scoring and is in compliance with Appendix A of The Racing Rules of Sailing.  Users should understand the provisions of Appendix A before using this or any other scoring program.  The program provides for a great deal of flexibility in formatting output, including html files. Only one design scoring has been evaluated. None of the handicap scoring routines have been evaluated at this time.

For a complete set of instructions and a detailed program description refer to the website.

Ordering: Software can be downloaded from website. There is no charge for the software. Be sure to follow downloading instruction provided for proper installation!

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