Version 1.2.42b6

Author: Edward Mitchell

500 Ocean Street, Suite 134, Hyannis, MA 02601 (508) 771-0806

Evaluation Copy Source: Author requested US Sailing download from RaceSail website for review. Documentation available for separate download.

Handicap Systems Supported: PHRF, Time-on-distance, PHRF, Time-on-time, ORC Club (was Americap), Portsmouth wind dependent coefficients, RC time multipliers , PHRF Pursuit


  • Tested on Windows 7, 64 bit; Mac in emulation mode, tested with Virtual PC by Connectix. Vista and Windows 7 do not support on-line help files but manual is sufficient.

  • Downloaded ZIP file is 12.6 MB in size

  • User Manual available online in PDF format


Description:  Program is downloaded as a zipped file that is extracted   Program is well structured allowing for easy entry of competitors, and maintains an archived database for competitor information. Unique sail numbers are required. Provisions are made for multiple divisions and classes. Scratch sheets can be printed.  All four Portsmouth wind ratings and a context menu wind speed are entered for each race. Entry of finish positions is intuitive and requires minimal keystrokes. Changeable scoring penalties are allowed for ZFP and SCP. RaceSail also supports Pursuit Starts, where each entry has a unique starting time and theoretically all boats finish at same time (for additional information on Pursuit Starts see the Race Management Handbook.)  Another useful feature is that the program handles bow numbers and allows for rotating to model the effect of skippers switching boats to even the playing field, and is based on the college sailing program developed at Annapolis.  The program is in compliance with Appendix A of the Racing Rules of Sailing. Users should understand the provisions of Appendix A before using this or any other scoring program.

Ordering: Software can be downloaded from RaceSail website. Currently there is no charge for the software.

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