(Version 6.45)


Author: Dan Hollands

1120 S Creek Drive

Webster, NY 14580

Evaluation Copy Source: Downloaded  from QuickScore Yacht Race Scoring

Handicap Systems Supported: PHRF Time-on-Time, PHRF Time-on-Distance, Portsmouth, IOR, MORC,  IRC, One-Design


  • Program version for Windows 7/8 (12,211 KB download)



The Program can be downloaded from the web site and the  demo version of the program handles a maximum of 12 boats. An instruction manual in Word is provided though built-in assistance is very good. The program provides for PHRF Time-on-Distance, Time-on-Time, Portsmouth (multiple wind ratings), IOR, MORC, IRC and One-Design scoring options. Several options for PHRF Time-on-Time rating calculations are provided. The program is in compliance with The Racing Rules of Sailing. Users should understand the provisions of Appendix A before using this or any other scoring program. In testing the program for compliance, it was noted that while the program does correctly handle a ZFP or a 20% scoring penalty, in the rare case that both penalties apply, the result has to be manually adjusted using the scoring penalty option. The program supports a variety of output reports including results in html format for web publishing. Users can create their own report format specifying what to include in the report and where on the report it is placed.

Ordering: Cost for new user is $US 140. The cost to update from any version of QS earlier than 2003 is $40. The cost to update from QS03 or QS04 is $20. Full information and the program for downloading is available on the QuickScore Yacht Race Scoring website.

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