(Version 9.5)

Author: Cyber Altura is certified and approved by the Offshore Racing Committee (ORC)


Evaluation Copy Source: Downloaded from Offshore Racing Council, Scoring Software site ( 680KB)

Handicap Systems Supported: All ORC scoring options



Description: CyberAltura has been developed to perform results calculations in ORC races and relaces an older DOS version that is still available.  It covers completely all ORC scoring options and does not have any limit in fleet size, number of events, number of races, etc., and thereby overcomes the limits emerged by the use of the DOS code. All listings can be configured by adding or removing fields that appear in the listings. Boats data can be read  from “RMS” files provided by every ORC rating office. The data necessary to run the program can be entered manually through the window provided. No more data than those actually used in the customization printouts need to be entered. The sail number is the primary key, and does not allow many alphanumeric characters (including lowercase).

Ordering: . CyberAltura is distributed and made available by ORC – to anybody – free of charge. Download from the CyberAltura website.

Note: IMS scoring is provided for separately in a program called Velum, which is available on the following website: . The cost of Velum is between 180.00 € and 220.00 €.

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