Certification, Education and Instructors


The US Sailing Judges Committee (JC) has designed various certification programs to meet the needs of each person who wishes to become a certified Judge.

Club Judge Certification is for those who seek to judge primarily at their own club and would like to have a stronger and more consistent rules knowledge.

Judge Certification is for those who seek to judge in a region of the country in addition to serving their club.

National Judge Certification is for those who have the “Judge” certification level and seek to officiate at any event in the country.

International Judge Certification is granted by World Sailing. U. S. applicants for IJ certification must be nominated by the Judges Committee and the US Sailing Board of Directors. For further information, please refer to chapter 12 of the US Sailing Judges Manual by clicking the red “Judge Qualifications” button below or by consulting a copy of the Judges Manual.

Initial certification involves a seminar and a test on The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). Renewal of certification is required every 4 years and can be obtained by attending a seminar or a variety of Continuing Education events during the 4 year period leading up to recertification. Passing a test at the appropriate level in the last year of certification is required. Click on the red “Judge Qualifications” button below to link to Chapter 12 of the Judges Manual for more details.

Online Testing is a required part of all US Sailing judge courses. Anyone who takes a Club Judge or Advanced Judge course will receive credentials to take the online test. To explore a practice test, click on the green “Judge Practice Test” button below.

Recertifying Judges and National Judges will be enrolled in a “Recertification Test” in February of the fourth year of certification. The test may be taken at any time before November 30th during the year and may be used in conjunction with either Continuing Education credits or a seminar.

Judge Practice Test
Judge Qualifications

Continuing Education

The Judges Committee has introduced Continuing Education (CE) as a means of renewing certification. Judges in the past have been required to take a seminar and a test once every 4 years to stay certified. Now judges may receive Continuing Education Units (CEU) for attending a variety of Continuing Education Events (CEE) during the 4 years of their certification period. Seminars, roundtables, clinics and webinars will allow renewing officials multiple opportunities to earn CEUs. Judges can decide which path is best for them. Click on the Guidelines for CE for more detail. Contact your RAJ for information on hosting a roundtable, clinic or seminar.

Become A Club Judge Instructor

New guidelines have been developed to create a corps of instructors for the Club Judge Program. The Club Judge Program Director (CJPD) will be responsible for the overall program of instructors, seminars and testing. Each Regional Area Judges (RAJ) will work closely with the instructors and the Program Director to establish Club Judge Seminars.

The Club Judge Program has been designed to support the education of Club Judges and Judges in Training within any given club or small area. Hosts for these seminars must be US Sailing member clubs or organizations and can request to host a seminar with the approval of the RAJ and the CJPD.

An instructor should be a US Sailing National Judge or an World Sailing International Judge (although an exception to this can be applied for) who is known as a person with leadership qualities and established teaching skills. Click on Club Judge Instructor Guidelines menu on the right for an application and more details.

Judge-in-Training Program

Although everyone who seeks to become a judge either at the club level or higher would be in training as an official, US Sailing considers that those who have attended a seminar and taken the test to be truly Judges-in-Training (JIT).

Anyone who is interested in this learning path should contact their RAJ for a more detailed look at our program.

JIT names will be added to our data base to be available on the website’s “Find a Judge” report as persons actively working to become certified. Clubs seeking more experienced judges should use Find a Judge for JITs and certified Judges.

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