Documents for Judges


The Racing Rules of Sailing – Purchase the Book

US Sailing Prescriptions to The Racing Rules of Sailing (PDF)

The Judges Manual for 2013-2016 — available in PDF format for US Sailing members

Guidelines for Video Conference Hearings — Guidance from the US Sailing Judges Committee on Video Hearings

Useful Checklists

The Judges Committee and Judges Education, Training, and Testing subcommittee (JETTS) provides the following checklists for use by different members of a Protest Committee.

These correspond to (and in some cases supplement) the Checklists found in Appendix A of the 2013-2016 Judges Manual.

Additionally, during Judges Seminars, JETTS uses these checklists during part of certain exercises.

For those looking for additional information, RRS Appendix M is an additional resource for Judges looking for such type of tools.

JETTS will periodically collect and add additional checklists, as appropriate:

– See more at:

Checklist 1 PC Chair Pre-Event Organization

Checklist 2 PC Member Pre-Event Organization

Checklist 3 PC Chair Discussions with OA & RC

Checklist 4 Pre-Event PC meeting

Checklist 5 PC Desk-Secretary – General Duties

Useful Protest Committee Documents

US Sailing Standard Protest Form pdf

ISAF Standard Protest Form Word

Protest Worksheet (Envelope Cover)) Word

Protest Filing Deadline Word

Alternate Penalty Acknowledge Table (Short Form) Word

Alternate Penalty Acknowledge Form (long form) Word

Arbitration Resolution Form Word

Hearing Schedule Table Word

Hearing Results Table Word

Notice of Request for Redress Hearing pdf

Hearing Schedule and Results Table Word

Protest Committee Report to Scorers Word

Rule 42 Protests – 1 Protest per Line Word

Rule 42 Protests – 1 Competitor per Line Word

Rule 42 Log Booklet – for one-sided copies pdf

Rule 42 Log Booklet – for double-sided copies pdf

Combined set of all Reports in one Document Word
(Has common header and footer for use in customizing for one event)


Additional Links of Use to Judges

ISAF Documents & Rules Page

US Coast Guard Navigation Center