Classifier Training Seminars

A US Disabled Sailing Classification Training Seminar is the initial requirement in the process toward certification as a US Sailing Classifier. Participants should be qualified Medical Providers, Physical Therapists or Occupational Therapists. The Classifier Committee shall consider other medically trained personnel who have experience with persons with disabilities for seminar attendance. Sailing and / or racing experience is required.

The objective of the Classifier Training program is to improve the quality, consistency and fairness of classification of disabled sailors on a national level. The attendees shall achieve core competencies in application of the Functional Classification System. The seminar will focus on three areas of the classification process: Physical Disability Functional Assessment, Dock Testing, Sail Race Observation. A test and debrief will be conducted at the end of the final day. An application form for attending any seminar must be filled out ahead of time and submitted for approval. Once the US Sailing Chief National Classifier approves your Seminar Training Application, you are required to Register for the Seminar.

Scheduled Classifier Training Seminars:

US Disabled Sailing Championships – October 30 to November 2, 2014
Sea Base Galveston, Galveston Texas: Click Here
Event NOR: Download Notice of Race

US Sailing Classification Seminar – October 27-31, 2014

Seminar Location: Sea Base Galveston, Galveston Texas

US Sailing Classifier Training Seminar Notice click here: Classifier Training Seminar Notice

US Sailing Classifier Training Seminar attendee Application Form click here: Classifier Training Seminar Application

US Sailing Classifier Training Seminar on-line Registration: Classifier Training Registration

The seminar program schedule:

Monday 27 October  2014
0800 Registration
0830 FCS Theory
1200 Lunch (on your own)
1300 Classroom exercises
1730 End first day
 Tuesday 28 October 2014
0800 Hands on classification
with Event classifiers
1200 Lunch (on your own)
1300 Resume hands on
classification of athletes
1730 End second day
Wednesday 29 October 2014
0800 Dock tests using ThreePerson Keel Boat
1200 Racing clinic / Lunch
1330 First Appearance practice
racing observation – on the water
1730 End third day
Thursday 30 October 2014
0800 Dock tests using ThreePerson Keel Boat
1130 Racing observation – Bag
Lunch on the water
1400 Q & A period
1600 Written Classification Test
1730 Seminar end

           Seminar Cost is $150 paid to US Sailing on the Regatta Network web site: Classifier Training Registration and Fee Payment.

 Future Disabled Sailing Classification Seminars shall be posted as they are scheduled.