Organizing a Seminar

Are you interested in hosting a Race Official Seminar at your club, sailing center or other venue?

First of all, thank you — we rely on volunteers to help us train Race Officials, and your willingness to pitch in helps us advance the quality and availability of race management.

Here is an outline of the process. For a more detailed description, please download the “How to Organize a Seminar” pdf listed below; this provides all of the information and links you’ll need.

Use the Seminar Cost Calculator to ascertain how much to charge each participant for your seminar.

Nine Steps to Setting Up a Seminar

  1. Coordinate with your ARO, RAJ, or the Umpires Committee Chair to schedule the seminar.
  2. Line up a certified seminar instructor.
  3. Plan the budget.
  4. Submit the online “Host a Seminar” form and your seminar will be posted on the US Sailing seminar calendar.
  5. Promote your seminar with a flyer and other methods from US Sailing, and encourage people you know to sign up online as early as possible.
  6. Participants can  access study materials online.
  7. The instructor contacts participants about a week ahead of time.
  8. After the class, participants take the test online within a 14-day window following the seminar.
  9. Submit the online “Host’s Request for Reimbursement” form to be reimbursed for your seminar expenses.