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Race Officials

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Race Official Seminar Calendars

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What are Race Officials?

Race Officials represent US Sailing on and off the race course. Their mission is to ensure quality, integrity and consistency for all participants in the sport of sailboat racing, from casual weeknight club racing to world championships. They are trained, certified and supported by US Sailing, and they have the resources of the organization at their disposal. Race officials are sailors like you who volunteer their time because they enjoy the work and because they believe in the importance of giving back to the sport.

What Do Race Officials Do?

Race Officials support you, the racing sailor, in their roles as Race Officers, Judges, Umpires and Classifiers. They run races, make umpire calls on the water, hear protests and redress requests in the jury room, and classify sailors to compete in disabled sailing events.

For more information about the specific duties of Race Officials, as well as all kinds of resources, choose the link to the Race Official discipline you’re interested in on the right-hand side of the page.

How Do I Find a Race Official?

If you need a race official for your event, check out the Find a Race Official page, where you can search for Judges, Umpires, Race Officers and Classifiers by their level of certification, their state or their geographic area.

How Do I Become a Race Official?

If you’re interested in learning how to become a Race Official, take a look at the Become a Race Official pages, which describe the process and requirements. You can also find out where to take Race Official training seminars.

This section also has information about organizing and hosting race official training seminars.

For Race Officials

You will find information specific to your work as a race official under the “Certified Race Officials” menu bar to the right. These pages contain more detailed information about the programs, resources of use to officials and information on advanced certifications. Committee members, AROs and RAJs will also find secure pages there for their use.