Local sailing clubs, centersĀ  and associations are the cornerstone of the sport. These organizations build communities of active sailors and offer a gateway for people to enjoy the sport.

US Sailing is committed to supporting you and your members to serve sailors on a local level by providing the programs and services you need. US Sailing offers your organization the opportunity to host all types of courses, seminars, clinics and symposiums for race officials, instructors, coaches, racers and cruisers.

US Sailing wants to ensure that people are learning how to sail in a safe, fun, high quality environment with certified US Sailing instructors and coaches, and that your regattas are being run by certified race officers, judges, umpires, and classifiers. Our new sanctioning program provides program standards for recognized community sailing organizations.

Affiliated and corporate entities are similarly important by providing the pathways and products that inspire newcomers to the sport and help sailors get more active.

There are also opportunities for clubs to host racing events, such as US Sailing National Championships, Junior Olympics, and racing clinics.

You can also host a US Sailing Speaker Series event at your club. US Sailing will help you determine a speaker for the topic of your choice.