Olympic Sailing Program Medalist Donors


A critical source of funding for US Olympic and Paralympic Sailing comes from the “Olympic Medalist Program”, a major-gift fundraising campaign. Since 2005 the generosity of Medalist Donors has helped provide Olympic and Paralympic sailors with the support they need to train and compete on the world’s biggest stages. We are grateful for their support.

If you are interested in becoming a Medalist Donor, please contact Jim Campbell at jimcampbell@ussailing.org.

US Sailing Team 2016 Medalist Donors

Gold Medalists

  • American Yacht Club
  • Anonymous (2)
  • Steve & Heidi Benjamin
  • Malin Burnham
  • California Yacht Club
  • J. Hap & Geren Fauth
  • Austin & Gwen Fragomen
  • Peter Kellogg
  • Hunt Lawrence
  • Russell & Kristina Lucas Family Fund
  • New York Yacht Club
  • Sailing Foundation of New York
  • St. Francis Yacht Club
  • James M. Schoonmaker

Silver Medalists

  • Anonymous
  • Terry & Mary Kohler

Bronze Medalists

  • Henry G. Brauer
  • Jane & Bruce Burton
  • Dayton T. Carr
  • Stephen J. Cucchiaro
  • Ray & Barbara Dalio
  • Leslie & John Dane III
  • Downing Family Foundation
  • Jeff Ecklund
  • Tom & Jane Fetter
  • Marc Glimcher
  • Kent & Julie Haeger
  • Tom & Mary Holthus
  • Brian Keane
  • Michael & Tovi Kiss
  • Donald Wilson

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