2016 US Sailing Team Selection

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Qualification for the 2016 US Sailing Team – Olympic Classes

All Olympic classes

1.1 The top eligible finisher in each class’ 2015 World Championship will qualify for the team with the #1 ranking and will be offered access to EAHI.

1.2 The top eligible finisher who did not qualify under section 1.1 and who also finishes in the top 50% of the fleet at the 2016 Sailing World Cup Miami will qualify for the team with the #2 ranking. All other eligible finishers will not qualify for the team but will be ranked in their class according to their finish.

1.3 Eligible athletes/teams who qualify for the 2016 Olympic Team who did not qualify under sections 1.1 or 1.2 will qualify for the team.

1.4 Discretionary Selection: eligible athletes selected by US Sailing based on the following criteria:

  1. Recent results in international Olympic-level competition
  2. Performance at the 2016 Sailing World Cup Miami
  3. Athlete/team plan for training and racing in 2016 with a goal of Toyko 2020, as approved by High Performance Director, Charlie McKee

1.5 In the event that an athlete/team qualifies for the 2016 Olympic Team without qualifying for the USST under section 1.1, EAHI will be transferred to that athlete/team from the athlete/team qualified under section 1.1.

2 Before being formally placed on the US Sailing Team, athletes who have qualified above must execute:

2.1 The US Sailing Team Athlete Agreement, and;

2.2 The Code of Conduct.

3 Athletes or teams that are placed on the US Sailing Team will have the option to execute the US Sailing Team Commercial Agreement Level 1 and Level 2.

4 Athletes or teams that have been placed on the 2016 US Sailing Team will be removed from the team if/when:

4.1 They resign from the US Sailing Team or retire from active Olympic class competition.

4.2 They are found in violation of the Code of Conduct by the OSC.

4.3 The 2017 US Sailing Team is selected.

5 The 2016 class rankings will be used as the selection event for any other event during 2016 that has restricted entry unless ISAF establishes a mandatory procedure or the OSC announces a different procedure at least sixty days prior to that event’s first day of racing.

2016 US Sailing Team Rio Fleet Priority Assignment

  1. The 2015 priority assignments for use of the Rio fleet will carry over until the 2016 Rio Olympic Team is selected, after which the priority assignments will transfer to the 2016 Olympic Team members, should they be different from 2015 assignments.

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