2015 US Sailing Team Selection

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Qualification for the 2015 US Sailing Team and Selection for other 2015 events

1. All Olympic classes

1.1 The top eligible finisher in each class’ 2014 World Championship will qualify for the team with the #1 ranking and will have access to EAHI.*

1.2 The top eligible finisher in the 2015 SWC Miami who did not qualify under section 1.1 will qualify for the team with the #2 ranking. All other eligible finishers will not qualify for the team but will be ranked in their class according to their finish.

2 Before being formally placed on the US Sailing Team, athletes that have qualified above must execute:

2.1 The US Sailing Team Athlete Agreement, and;

2.2 The Code of Conduct.

3 Athletes or teams that are placed on the US Sailing Team will have the option to execute the US Sailing Team Commercial Agreement Level 1 and Level 2.

4 Athletes or teams that have been placed on the 2015 US Sailing Team will be removed from the team if/when:

5.1 They resign from the US Sailing Team or retire from active Olympic class competition.

5.2 They are found in violation of the Code of Conduct by the OSC.

5.3 The end of the 2016 Olympic Team Selection procedure is reached.

6 The 2015 class rankings will be used as the selection event for any other event during 2015 that has restricted entry unless ISAF establishes a mandatory procedure or the OSC announces a different procedure at least sixty days prior to that event.

*Amendment: For the Nacra 17 class

1.1 The two top eligible finishers at the 2015 SWC Miami will qualify for the team. The #1 ranking will have access to EAHI.


2015 Event Qualification and USST Rio Fleet

2015 Pan American Games (Toronto, Canada) 1. Olympic classes also used in the Pan American Games 1.1 The top eligible finisher at 2015 SWC Miami will qualify for the Pan American Games 2. Other classes 2.1 Events used to qualify for the Pan American Games are listed here: http://www.ussailing.org/olympics/selection/pan-am-games

2015 Test Event Qualification (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and 2015 USST Rio Fleet priority assignment

  1. There is one entry per event per country per class for the 2015 Rio Test Event. This spot and priority for use of the Rio fleet for 2015 will be based upon series score determined by finishes at 2015 SWC Miami and 2015 Palma (Princess Sophia). In this series, athletes’/teams’ scores will be their overall finishes in the regattas, counting finishes by non-Americans, and ties will be broken in favor of the athlete/team finishing higher in 2015 Palma.
  2. The OSC reserves the right to replace either of these two events if it determines that ISAF-imposed stipulations render them inappropriate for this purpose.
  3. Qualification events subject to change pending ISAF decisions about SWC events. Any revisions will be posted as final by 12/31/14.

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