Why Your Membership Matters

Sailors from around the country rely on US Sailing. From beginners to experts, from one-design sailors to offshore sailors, and from instructor trainers to race officials, US Sailing membership dollars support all types of sailors in countless ways. At US Sailing, our training and education programs build skills that benefit all sailors. We organize and grow programs that support fair and well-run races, safer waterways, and skill development for racers and cruisers to ensure a lifetime of participation and fun.

US Sailing has set the standard for excellence in the sport for over 120 years, and it is the collective power of the US Sailing membership that makes it happen.

Help us spread the word about our message and value of purchasing a US Sailing membership.

Why You Should Join or Renew with US Sailing?

Ever wonder why being a member of US Sailing is so important? The answer is simple… Membership in US Sailing enables the organization to deliver the programs and services essential to all sailors in the U.S.

A US Sailing membership touches every sailor…

• Certified Instructors are the backbone of ‘Learn to Sail’ programs for youth and adults.
• Certified Coaches take these sailors to the next level.
• Ratings Services level the playing field.
• Certified Race Officers are ready to make the right call at your signature regattas.
• Certified Judges and Umpires enforce the rules and provide credibility to your racing events.
• National Championships test your skills against the best.
• Resources help clubs enhance their programs.
• Newcomers introduced to the benefits of sailing.

What would our sport look like without...

• Certified instructors, coaches, race officials and umpires
• Racing rules
• Ratings that level the playing field
• Safety standards
• Resources for community sailing programs

Thanks to the US Sailing members like you, our sport doesn’t go without these important services and programs.

Learn more about how US Sailing sets the course for sailors to enjoy the sport for a lifetime and about the many membership types offered.

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