Teach Windsurfing

The Windsurfing Counselor course is designed to prepare windsurfers and sailors to act as a Windsurfing Counselor working under a fully certified instructor. The course emphasis is on safety, risk management and hands-on practice of the eleven windsurfing basics, to familiarize candidates with proper terminology and technique.

The Level 1 Windsurfing Instructor course serves those with intermediate to advanced windsurfing skills, including rigging, de-rigging, general board handling and maneuvering, and leaving and returning to a dock or beach Intermediate to advanced knowledge of windsurfing related subjects is required, such as theory (how a sail works, steering a sailboard), no-go zone, points of sail, sail trim and tuning, wind, weather, tides, currents, safety, hypothermia, heat emergencies, rescue techniques.

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