Community Sailing Center Accreditation

Sanctioning LogoUS Sailing’s Community Sailing Accreditation Program identifies and accredits those community sailing programs that are offering the highest level of boating education and public access across the United States. By accrediting programs that only meet the highest standards, as set forth in the application process, the Program aims to offer a national standard for community sailing programs. Accredited programs use US Sailing certified instructors, have detailed emergency and safety procedures, use curricula that meet US Sailing’s teaching standards, and are properly insured.

Programs of all types (year-round or seasonal, youth or adult, etc.) are eligible to apply for accreditation, provided they meet the specific guidelines set forth by the Accreditation Application.

To learn more about the process, please download the Accreditation Application.

Organizations that are accredited will be recognized nationally as the top community sailing programs and centers in the country. They will be featured in US Sailing’s Community Sailing publications, networked with other accredited centers, receive regular communication from the US Sailing Accreditation Committee, and will assist in mentoring newer programs into the Accreditation program. Accredited Centers also invited to participate in the governing process that molds, shapes and improves the quality and reach of our programs, by being involved with the Community Sailing Committee.

We would like to congratulate and welcome the following centers into the Accreditation Program:  Regatta Point Community Sailing, Community Sailing of Colorado and Renton Sailing Club.

Please note that US Sailing accredits Keelboat Sailing Schools in addition to Community Sailing Centers. These are different accreditations and a center meeting both terms, would apply for each accreditation separately.