Community Sailing Center Accreditation

Sanctioning LogoJoin the 35 Accredited Community Sailing Centers in the United States! US Sailing’s Community Sailing Accreditation Program identifies and accredits those community sailing programs that are offering the highest level of boating education and public access across the United States. By accrediting programs that only meet the highest standards, as set forth in the application process, the Program aims to offer a national standard for community sailing programs. Accredited programs use US Sailing certified instructors, have detailed emergency and safety procedures, use curricula that meet US Sailing’s teaching standards, and are properly insured.

Programs of all types (year-round or seasonal, youth or adult, etc.) are eligible to apply for accreditation, provided they meet the specific guidelines set forth by the Accreditation Application. Sailing programs affiliated with yacht clubs, but are open to the public and have a 501(c)3 status are also welcome to apply for Accreditation.

To learn more about the process, please download the 2017 Accreditation Application. If you would like to understand more about the Quality Assurance Assessment used in the process you can read more here.

Not sure if you’re ready for Accreditation? Not to worry, fill out this form and we can connect you with a member of our Accreditation Working Party who can answer your questions and assist you with the application process.

Why should a sailing center apply to become accredited? What are the benefits of the program?

  • Organizations that are accredited are recognized nationally as the top sailing centers in the country in terms of safety and teaching standards, quality of staff and instruction, professionalism and how the center offers access and enjoyment of sailing to the public.
  • Accredited Centers are able to use their distinction to attract donors and win grants. Accredited Centers are also eligible for specific grant opportunities through US Sailing.
  • Accredited Centers are included in a network of Accredited Centers, receiving semi-annual emails from the US Sailing Accreditation Working Party with helpful information and best practices.
  • Accredited Centers are eligible for a 50% annual discount on a Level 2 or Level 3 US Sailing Small Boat Instructor course.
  • Accredited Centers’ staff members are invited to participate in the governing process that molds, shapes and improves the quality and reach of US Sailing programs, by being involved with the Community Sailing Committee.
  • Accredited Centers are encouraged to fly the “Community Sailing Center” flag (awarded alongside accreditation) at their center, as well as to use the formal logo in their promotional materials each year.
  • Accredited Centers are able to use the application process to examine and review their own programming from top to bottom. This is a healthy exercise for any organization and can often reveal areas for improvement or examples that can be shared with other organizations.

Accredited Community Sailing Centers also receive a bi-annual newsletter. You can read them here:

We would like to congratulate and welcome the following centers into the Accreditation Program:   Renton Sailing Club, Community Boating Center of New Bedford and Downtown Community Sailing Center.

Please note that US Sailing accredits Keelboat Sailing Schools in addition to Community Sailing Centers. These are different accreditations and a center meeting both terms, would apply for each accreditation separately.


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