Start Windsurfing

Windsurfers are a fun and affordable way to experience the thrill of sailing. Windsurfers are ‘boards’, much like a surfboard. They come in various sizes and widths, which help determine the level of skill needed to ride each one. Beginning windsurf boards are wider and longer than advanced boards, and are great for people new to the sport. Each board has a sail attached to a rotating mast which is attached to the board.

Windsurfing is incredibly addictive. Combining the best aspects of sailing, skiing, surfing and flying, it’s free, fast and exciting. It’s also easy to learn. But getting started right means less time splashing and more time sailing. It also means you’ll advance your windsurfing skills faster and farther. And that’s the most fun of all.

US Sailing supports a curriculum of windsurfing instruction based on the Start Windsurfing Right! publication and taught by certified instructors.

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