Junior Big Boat


The Junior Big Boat Sailing (JBBS) Program is an opportunity for teens to sail with an instructor, or coach, on 35-45 foot well-outfitted sailboats. The JBBS program is structured around the use of a volunteered big boat lent for use to the program by a club member, owner, or volunteer who receives no compensation for the use of the boat or its equipment. The program allows new sailors to learn the ropes on a big boat platform – or experienced junior sailors can apply their small boat sailing skills to a new challenge. The JBBS program highlights fun, social and teamwork. With JBBS skills, teens can be valuable crew on cruising boats and club racers.

The program is split into Introduction and Advanced levels which provide an introduction to both Big Boat sailing and Big Boat racing. This program offers the framework skills to allow teens to participate in overnight cruises or weekly race series. We’ve provided outlines, lesson plans and additional resources which hopefully will be of use to you.

The Introductory course is focused on skill development and the social aspects of


big boat sailing and is not intended to be a formal “lean-to-race” program.

The Introductory group does not go beyond the use of an asymmetrical spinnaker or practice on racing techniques, but rather prepares the individual to be crew on a cruising type offshore boat.

The second course lesson guide is the “Advanced” or Racing course. It introduces racing, GPS navigation, spinnaker pole jibing, helmsmanship, and advanced boat handling skills that prepares the participant to be a racing crew.