Community Sailing Diversity Statement

The US Sailing Community Sailing Committee has adopted this statement as one of the cornerstones of their mission.


We, the US Sailing Community Sailing Committee, recognize diversity as essential to achieving our mission, “to promote and support community sailing in the United States.” For us, diversity refers to the differences of culture, ethnicity, race, gender, age, beliefs, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, family status, physical ability, appearance and ideas.

We are committed to achieving greater diversity throughout the sport and fostering an environment that is more inclusive.


Diversity makes good development sense, is critical to achieving the mission of the organization, and is an integral part of the success of the US Sailing Community Sailing Committee’s other strategic initiatives. It is our goal to expand the image of sailing to one that invites and supports the involvement of all.


Great organizations are characterized by a passion for excellence and the foresight to anticipate opportunities to further their mission. To realize our mission, we believe we must:
• Establish diversity as a key strategic priority in all facets of sailing.
• Encourage national, regional and local sailing organizations to adopt diversity as a priority.
• Expect that every leader will include diversity objectives in his or her performance appraisal and business-planning process.
• Build a culture that respects, values, and celebrates diversity.
• Serve as a model organization for all others that aspire to an inclusive environment.

Focus Areas

To implement this statement, we propose the following as the preliminary areas of focus:
• Increasing awareness in the organization of the importance of diversity.
• Recruiting and hiring greater diversity into our sport.
• Providing mentoring, development, education, and training.
• Demonstrating behaviors that are aligned with the philosophy.
• Developing strategic partnerships and relationships that will complement our efforts to achieve greater diversity throughout all areas of sailing.

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