C H A N G E Sailing is evolving.  At US Sailing, we’re not just adapting . . . . we’ve changed our heading.   Over the last five years, US Sailing has restructured nearly every aspect of the organization. Streamlined our Governance Optimized Organizational Structure Developed New Resources Leveraged Technology to Educate and Connect

The New Olympic Paradigm

  The Impact of Professionalization The 1992 Games marked the first time professionals competed, and by the 1996 Games, it was clear that nations adapting quickly to the new model were reaping the rewards. For US Olympic sailing, the impact has been profound: Professionalization brought significant government support to Olympic Sailing, and the funding gap

Youth Sailing Today

The American Development Model The growing focus on intense competition in youth sailing has parents, sailing instructors and program directors looking to US Sailing for guidance and a different approach. They’ve seen too many kids burn out and drop out, and they are not alone. This concern exists in almost every youth sport, as well
An Outward Expression of Inward Change US Sailing Headquarters is moving. Roger Williams University, top ranked in college sailing, is welcoming US Sailing to their beautiful 140 acre waterfront campus in Bristol, RI and have renovated a stand-alone building for use as our new headquarters.  Our favorable 21-year lease, with options to renew, means we’ll
The Focus is You   US Sailing is committed to uniting this fractured amalgamation of sports and building a cohesive community bound by a shared love for sailing. What we have in common as sailors is far greater than differences in boat design, sailing discipline or the kind of experiences we prefer. Last year at