Staff Directory

(401) 683-0800

John Pearce
Youth Director
Ext. 620
Windy Key
Youth Recreational Pathways Manager
Lee Parks
Inshore Director
Ext. 650
Matthew Hill
Race Administration Director
Ext. 655
Nathan Titcomb
Offshore Director
Ext. 628
Eric Baittinger
Chief Measurer
Ext. 642
Christian Bragdon
Offshore Technical Assistant
Ext. 637
Pat Crawford
Race Administration Associate
Ext. 618
Betsy Alison
Adult Director
Ext. 625
Cindy Walker
Adaptive Sailing Associate

To learn more about our Olympic department management team and which staff member might be best able to assist you, go here.

Malcolm Page
Chief of Olympic Sailing
Ext. 630
Meredith Brody
Olympic Manager
Ext. 634
Luther Carpenter
Senior Olympic Coach
(401) 683-8007
Kate Drummey
Olympic Coordinator
Ext. 633
Martha Pitt Fortin
Commercial Manager
Ext. 629
Willie McBride
Will Ricketson
Olympic Communications Manager
Ext. 621
Grant “Fuzz” Spanhake
Technical Director
Leandro Spina
Olympic Development Director
Molly Vandemoer
Olympic Development Program Manager
Georgia McDonald
Director of Development
Ext. 641
Lorie Anderson
Development Assistant
Ext. 652
Katie Ouellette
Director of Member Engagement
Ext. 610
Emily Dodd
Member Experience Representative
Marcy Eichner
Organizations Outreach & Development Representative
Nancy Mazzulli
Member Experience Representative
Ext. 600
Stu Gilfillen
Director of Education
Ext. 645
Andi Barton
Scheduling Coordinator
Ext. 640
Peri Burns
Scheduling Coordinator
Ext. 644
Karen Davidson
Keelboat Manager
Ext. 670
Bradley Schoch
Instructional Designer
Jessica Servis
Reach Program Manager
Dan Cooney
Chief Marketing Officcer
Robin Dale
Membership Marketing Manager
Ext. 694
Jake Fish
Communications Manager
Ext. 614
Jon Graham
Graphic Designer/ Brand Manager
Ext. 685
Josh Toso
Marketing Manager
Ext. 692
Lauren Cotta
Director of Operations
Ext. 624
Donna Kane
Director of Finance
Ext. 616
Tricia Cordeiro
Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable Specialist
Ext. 686
Bryan Donovan
Andrew Ewing
Senior Software Developer
Ext. 666
Helen Gaudette
Staff Accountant
Ext. 687
Julia Johnstone
Merchandise Manager
Ext. 636
Tina Kent
Fulfillment Support Representative
Jeff Kerins
IT Manager
Ext. 619
Lee Parks
Inshore Director
Ext. 650
Tim Swansey
Network Administrator
Ext. 678
Jack Gierhart
Chief Executive Officer of US Sailing
Ext. 631

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