More Opportunities to Support Sailing

Where Most Needed

Provide US Sailing’s leadership with the flexibility to allocate resources strategically by requesting that your contribution be allocated to the areas of greatest need.

Community Sailing

Every year thousands of people get to experience sailing for the first time through community sailing centers, getting more people out on the water and expanding our great sport. Your contribution will help strengthen and support community sailing centers throughout the country by providing training, scholarships and helping to develop regional and national networks. Community sailing centers don’t just provide a place for people to sail, they inspire people to get out on the water and try something new.

Reach-Stem Education

Help inspire children to have fun while learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, using sailing as an exciting platform for learning essential academic and life skills. Through the Reach Initiative, sailing programs, schools, and educators have the tools and resources to bring STEM and SAILING together in an exciting, novel platform for learning.  With a solid foundation of learning modules, an educator guide, student materials and training initiatives Reach has become the gold standard in STEM sailing for middle school students around the country.

Race Management

Foster the growth of participation in racing by guaranteeing that regattas are fair and well run. Support US Sailing’s comprehensive race official training programs. Provide qualified race management at the club, national and international levels. Your contributions train highly qualified race officials and help to offset travel costs for US Sailing’s volunteer corps of certified race officials.

National Championships

Provide opportunities for sailors of all ages to race against top national competitors at US Sailing’s National Championships. Contributions help fund the US Sailing Sailorship Program to provide travel grants to worthy sailors who qualify for the nationals, but can’t afford to get there.


US Sailing Safety at Sea programs set high standards for the most authoritative and proven methods for keeping sailors safe. US Sailing’s Offshore office helps get racers to the start line. Go there for USA sail numbers, ORR, IRC and HPR ratings, PHRF nation-wide handicap listing and where to find offshore safety training. In addition they maintain the standards of safety courses, develop on-line safety training, offer database/certificate management services to PHRF fleets and train and certify the offshore/big boat measurers.

Adaptive Sailing

US Sailing adaptive sailing program provides opportunities for disabled sailors to learn and compete in a safe and fun environment. Your support for adaptive sailing gives the disabled a special freedom that is empowering, uplifting and changes lives.


To help them win in Rio, it’s up to US. The United States is the only nation to legislatively eliminate funding for Olympic sports. Your national sailing team is 100% privately funded by donations and sponsorship. With less than a year before the games, every minute and every dollar counts. Your support for the US Sailing Team Sperry Olympic and Paralympic teams provides the resources our sailors need to compete against the most talented and well-funded sailors in the world.

Youth Sailing

Give young sailors the opportunities they need to learn, improve and excel. Your generous contribution will be directed to our youth sailing and instructor training programs. Together, we are giving kids the skills and confidence needed to become active, lifetime sailors.