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2014 Campaign to expand REACH – US Sailing STEM Education Program

US Sailing designed REACH for kids who have never set foot on a boat, and we use the power of sailing to foster interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Sailing provides a tangible and engaging platform for learning and presents sailing as a lifelong adventure, accessible to all.

Through the REACH program, middle-schools and sailing centers across the country are working together to teach young students the skills necessary for securing their future in the global economy. We use sail angles to teach geometry, ropes and pulleys to teach engineering, the force of the wind to demonstrate physics and underwater exploration to inspire future environmentalists.

US Sailing’s Reach program was piloted nationwide over a 3-year period (2011-2014). The pilot has been a resounding success with over 300 organizations implementing the program to 8,000 youth annually  – 50% of whom are considered “at risk”.

US Sailing has a 5-year plan to dramatically expand access to the Reach program in cities across the country.  Your financial support will build the resources required to meet the intense demand for the  program, for additional curriculum and for implementation support.

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