Opportunities to Support Sailing

Your donation allows the leaders of US Sailing to invest in the areas of greatest need and in alignment with our long-term strategic plan.

Support US Sailing programs that expand access to sailing . . .

Vibrant, welcoming sailing programs for people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life are the entry point for thousands of sailors who bring new perspectives, innovative ideas and fresh eyes that see the sport anew.

Your generous contribution will be invested in US Sailing Programs that support Community Sailing, Adaptive Sailing, Reach STEM Education and introductory First Sail events around the country.

First class sail training and education inspires sailors and builds the confidence to expand their experience, take-on new challenges and design their own unique sailing journey.

Investment in US Sailing Training & Education fuels our continuously improving instructor training, offering the progressively advanced set of skills that lead to true mastery of our sport.

Safety is never an afterthought and embedded in all levels of US Sailing training. The risks are real and the ability to handle the unexpected with a cool head is achieved through knowledge, practice and preparation.

To achieve excellence in competitive sailing, there is no substitute for time-on-the water. Victories and defeats accumulated over time, from youth to adult racing, define the path to the top of our sport..

US Sailing Competitive Sailing Programs offer sailors of all ages, at all levels, opportunities to get time on the water in all types of boats at every kind of venue.

At every level of racing – local, national level and international – sailors are embedded in a culture of fair play monitored by US Sailing trained, professional race officials and in accordance with rules that define our sport and ratings that level the game.  US Sailing delivers integrity in our sport.

This is a transformative time for U.S. Olympic Sailing. Two-time gold medalist Malcolm Page is our new Chief of Olympic Sailing.  We are implementing a new Gold Medal System with heavy emphasis on coaching, technology innovation, and athlete development. We are committed to returning the U.S. to Olympic podium dominance.

The US Sailing Team is facing competing nations, such as Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, that provide government funding to their Olympic sailing teams (the U.S. Sailing Team receives no government funding).  Our Olympic athletes deserve the same access to training, coaching and technology as their competitors. Please give generously and support our Olympic sailing athletes.