Nat Siddall

One-Design Creativity Award
presented to
Nat Siddall, Chelsea, MI

It is a great honor to present Nathaniel Siddall with the One-Design Creativity Award recognizing outstanding individual creativity and contributions in this year’s most innovative one-design event of national or international importance.

 Nat has accomplished two incredible feats. First, he helped to created a new One-Design Class of windsurfers called Prodigy. And then, he incorporated them into the new US Windsurfing National Tour. The Prodigy was always available for charter.

 Nat headed up the 2002 US Windsurfing Tour — contacting sponsors, calling event organizers, setting dates, and advertising events in windsurfing magazines. Nat’s impressive skills are largely responsible for how smoothly the Tour ran.

 As a result of the 2002 success, the 2003 National Windsurfing Tour will be even larger.

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