Community Sailing Awards

Community Sailing recognizes organizations and individuals who have done an exemplary job of promoting public access sailing. These awards are presented at the Community Sailing Committee Awards dinner, held in conjunction with either the Sailing Leadership Forum or National Sailing Programs Symposium.



Marty Trophy_fullshotMartin A. Luray Award
Martin A. Luray was perhaps best known as a SAIL magazine editor. He was, to be sure, better known as a journalist than as a sailor. Yet in his role as a journalist he was a staunch advocate and courageous promoter of public access sailing. Marty distinguished himself as an Oracle of a new age in the ancient pastime of yachting. Time and again he used the power of the press to herald the ‘arrival’ of community sailing. Time and again he shared his expertise in the early years of Community Sailing Conferences.

Since his untimely demise in 1993 we’ve missed his wisdom, his insight, his way with words and particularly his courage. To honor him, and others who walk in his footsteps, the Community Sailing Committee, with US Sailing’s blessing, created the Martin A. Luray Award – which we know today simply as The Marty. The striking perpetual trophy, bearing his name, as well as the ‘keepers’, were designed, created and donated by Harken. ‘The Marty’ is Community Sailing’s highest honor.

The Marty is presented annually to a deserving recipient who has made an outstanding and unselfish contribution to further public access sailing.

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Outstanding Program Director
This award recognizes a Program Director who has had a significant impact on their organization by:

  • Optimizing the quality of education in his/her program
  • Providing training and development opportunities for other instructors and educators
  • Empowering individuals to reach their greatest potential
  • Providing a safe and well maintained working environment
  • Introducing creative programming that introduces new demographics to sailing
  • Showing sustained growth in the overall size, or financial footprint, of their organization
  • Provided strong leadership and mentorship.

The Outstanding Program Director Award is given annually to an individual that has made notable contributions to promote public access sailing in the development and organization of a sailing program.

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Excellence in Instruction
This award recognizes an individual that has consistently demonstrated excellence in instructing, training, or making presentations at local, regional, or national seminars, conferences, or workshops. Delivery of instruction modules, systems, or services and internal on-the-job training may also be considered. Qualities that are considered in the nominee(s) might include:

  • Type, amount, and content of instruction;
  • Excellent curriculum design;
  • Depth of knowledge of subject area;
  • Outstanding communication skills;
  • Strong record and demonstrated use of new teaching techniques;
  • Innovation and creativity in teaching methods;
  • Exceptional teaching style and delivery;
  • Utilization and application of information technology;
  • Special awareness of the difference in learning styles of users;
  • Use of critical thinking skills;
  • Possession of sophisticated analytical skills; and
  • Successful use of learning assessment techniques.

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Outstanding Organizational Leader
The Outstanding Organizational Leader Award honors an exceptional individual who has made notable contributions to an organization which have resulted in membership growth, positive financial development, or increased community awareness or integration. This recipient of this award is a true champion for community sailing, serving as ambassador, advocate, fundraiser and leader and serving as the true “face” for their organization. This individual is also a proven leader outside of his/her primary organization as well, demonstrating the ability to work across traditional boundaries to advance community and social causes. While the winner of this award may wear multiple hats, it is expected that they will predominantly hold an administrative position,such as a  board member, trustee or executive director.

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Volunteer of the Year
The importance of volunteers to our industry cannot be overestimated. Whether the individual acts as a volunteer administrator for an event or program, serves as an instructor or coach, serve manages the upkeep of facilities, or contributes his or her time in another way that positively impacts their organization, it’s important that we put forth our heartiest congratulations and recognition. It is for that reason that the Volunteer of the Year Award was created to recognize those outstanding volunteers whose unselfish and dedicated service to community sailing has made a significant difference in their community and mirrors the commitment to success in our professional ranks.

The Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes an individual who has gone ‘above and beyond’ through their contributions without receiving any financial compensation.

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More than Ten years of Hallmark Performance
The More than 10 Years of Hallmark Performance Award is given annually to a program that has a  track record of providing sailing education, training and public access to  their community. Organizations that win this award have likely already been recognized by US Sailing for one particular facet of their programming and/or staff excellence. Organizations that win this award are recognized not only for their consistency but also their desire to consistently improve, all while staying true the mission of the US Sailing Community Sailing Committee of increasing opportunity and diversity.

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Outstanding Community Sailing Program
The Outstanding Community Sailing Program Award is given annually to a program that has made notable contributions to promote public access sailing. Both seasonal and year round programs are eligible, and staff may consist of either volunteers or paid employees. Additionally, programs of all sizes and programmatic focus will be considered. A nomination for this award should focus on how an organization has, during the previous twelve months, demonstrated noticeable grown in their membership, programming offerings (including any newly developed, or expanded partnerships) or community involvement/awareness. Details regarding the most outstanding courses/programs that an organization offers should also be included.

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Outstanding  Adaptive Community Sailing Program
The Outstanding Program for Disabled Sailors Award is given annually to a program that has made notable contributions to promote public access sailing for people with disabilities.

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Outstanding Outreach & Inclusion
The Outstanding Outreach and Inclusion Award is given annually to a Program Director or Program that has made notable contributions to promote public access sailing by finding and including people in their program that would normally have no access to sailing.

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Creative Innovations in Programming
The Creative Innovations in Programming award recognizes those programs, or individuals, who have successfully found new, and different, methods for teaching sailing. Past winners have included programs who combine sailing with non-traditional offerings (Cooking, Rock climbing, etc.) to create joint programming and organizations that have found new ways to utilize their existing resources to get new sailors on the water. This purpose of this award is to highlight those that think “outside the box” and through their ingenuity have further connected their organization to the community.

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